We are looking forward to the 12th aikido seminar with Doshu Kenjiro Yoshigasaki in Croatia28 July – 2 August 2017 in the beautiful place Baske Ostarije, located between Velebit mountain and the Adriatic sea (18 km).

View of the Adriatic sea with islands, from the Velebit mountain

On this occasion we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Aikido Society Zagreb.

This summer seminar is the perfect place for aikido, hiking in the beautiful Velebit moutain and swimming in the Adriatic sea (Karlobag) – in just 20 minutes you change the scenery from mountain to beach & swimsuit.

Velebit scenery, beach in Karlobag, hiking trip and outdoor aikido practice

But also to meet aikidokas from different countries, party & have fun!

Doshu Yoshigasaki has announced that he will do all tsuzukiwazas during the seminar.

A special addition to this year’s seminar will be a storytelling performance by Marie-Rose Meysman, a renowned Belgian actress!

Marie-Rose Meysman

Seminar schedule:


Price: 100 € all, 120 € instructor/Dan

Please register your arrival to Anamaria Džoja: anamaria.dzoja@gmail.com. Anamaria will also book all your accommodation in the camp and hostel, since we have reserved all beds for seminar participants. Please contact her for all booking.

Accommodation options and price: 

  • Camp Velebit – 200m from the seminar location. Accommodation is possible in:

– a tent in the camp, 7€ per night/per person – if you need us to rent a tent for you, please let us know!;

– a hobbit house, 10€ per night/per person. There are 5 hobbit houses: 1 house with 2 beds (booked), 3 houses with 4 beds each (1 booked) and 1 house with 5-6 beds. It is advisable to bring your own covers (blanket/sleeping bag) for the beds, as they are only covered with sponge. There will be some blankets available so please let us know if you need one when registering.

– bungalow, 10€ per night/per person. There are 2 available bungalows with 2 beds each. (all booked)

bunk beds above the reception, 10€ per night/per person. 16 beds (3 booked)

– Possibility of cooking your own meals in the camp kitchen.

  • Hostel Baške Oštarije – 400m from the seminar location. The price of a bed per night/per person is 75 kn (~10€) + 4,5 kn tax (~1,6€)

– there are 32 available beds + 2 extra: 1 room with 5 beds (booked), 3 rooms with 4 beds each (all booked), 1 room with 6 beds; and 2 passage rooms in the attic: one can contain 6 beds, and another 3 beds.

Organized meals in the hostel (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Please order your meals during reservation for the seminar to anamaria.dzoja@gmail.com!  


breakfast: buffet – 30 kn / ~4€

lunch & dinner: buffet (main course, salad, bread); – 40 kn / ~5,4€ ; vegetarian 35 kn / ~4,7€  

The hostel is in the mountains, so the food will be such 🙂

For organized meals in the hostel you must buy coupons that will be available by the seminar tent upon your arrival. Without the coupons you can’t participate in the hostel menu.

There are other accommodation possibilities, but we do not provide booking:

Whether you are arriving from Zadar, Pula, Rijeka or Zagreb airports, or by train/bus, transportation can be organized, so please feel free to contact Anamaria Džoja at anamaria.dzoja@gmail.com for all questions and transport organization.

Transportation will also be organized during the seminar to all locations other than the seminar location – hiking, swimming, shopping… 

For all other questions please contact Marijan: manjo@aikidozg.com, +385914900008.

2016 seminar gallery:

Velebit seminar video:



Seminar with Doshu Yoshigasaki in Velebit, Croatia
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