Welcome to the summer seminar with Doshu in Croatia, 02 – 07 August 2019 in the beautiful place of Baske Ostarije, located on Velebit Mountain and 15 minutes driving from Karlobag.

This is a perfect place for aikido, hiking in the beautiful Velebit Mountain and swimming in the Adriatic Sea (Karlobag) – in just 20 minutes you change the scenery from mountain to beach & swimsuit (see photos from previous seminars).

Seminar fee: 100 € all, 120 € instructors

Seminar schedule:

Accommodation: (booking via manjoster@gmail.com)

Camp Velebit – 200m from the seminar location

  • tent in the camp, 8€ per night/per person
  • hobbit house, 15€ per night/per person.
  • bungalow, 15€ per night/per person; 3 bungalows are available with 2 beds each.
  • the 3 large glamping Bell Tent offers 5m diameter and nearly 20m2 of space inside. They will have their own terrace and between 4-6 beds
    Look at this link: https://www.canvascamp.com/en_us/sibley-500-pro, 15€ per night/per person.
  • It is advisable to bring your own bed linen (blanket/sleeping bag) for the beds, as they only have sponge mattresses.
  • possibility of cooking your own meals in the camp kitchen.

  • Currently available

The glamping Bell Tent

1. tent 2-4 beds – 2 beds are reserved

2. tent – 4-6 beds

3. tent – 4-6 beds

Crobbit Houses (in parenthesis are the numbers of beds)
Crobbit House Jarilo (2)RESERVED
Crobbit House Morana (4) (ladies) – 2 beds are reserved
Crobbit House Vedun (2)RESERVED
Crobbit House Dodola (2) RESERVED
Crobbit House Veles (5)
Crobbit House Svarog (4)RESERVED
Crobbit House Rod (8)

Bungalov Ivo (2)RESERVED
Bungalov Mara (2)RESERVED
Bungalov Kolovrat (2+1)RESERVED

Hostel Baške Oštarije – 400m from the seminar location

Currently available

  • Room number 1 – 6 beds
  • Room number 2 – 4 beds RESERVED
  • Room number 3 – 4 bedsRESERVED
  • Room number 4 – 4 beds RESERVED
  • Room number 5 – 5 bedsRESERVED
  • Little passage room in the attic – 3 beds – RESERVED
  • Big passage room in the attic – 6 bedsRESERVED

10€ per night/per person +tax (~1,6€). 

Accommodation (other options):


Organized meals available in the hostel (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Please pre-order your meals (vegetarian option available) when making your reservation for the seminar and buy coupons that will be available by the seminar tent upon your arrival. Without the coupons you will not be able to use the hostel menu option.

  • breakfast: buffet – 4€ (30kn)
  • lunch & dinner: buffet (main course, salad, bread); – 5,5€ (40kn)

Organised meals will be available starting from Friday dinner until Wednesday lunch. On Tuesday there will be no dinner, we will have a party, a simple meal will be prepared for all (included in the seminar fee). 

The hostel is in the mountains, so the food will be commensurate with the location😊

There is an option to order a la carte meals in the hostel in accordance with their standard offer and prices (be ready to wait some time for food preparation).


Whether you arrive via Zadar, Pula, Rijeka or Zagreb airports, or by train/bus, transportation can be organized, so please feel free to contact us for all questions you may have and transport organization.

Transportation will also be organized during the seminar to all locations other than the seminar location – hiking, swimming, shopping… 

Registration and questions: manjoster@gmail.com

Velebit seminar 2019 poster

Seminar with Doshu, Velebit 2019
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