We are excited to announce the second seminar of sensei Philip Burgess from the British Ki Society in our dojo, starting Friday, October 6, and ending Sunday, October 8.

Sensei Burgess is one of the main instructors of the British Ki Society and has been promoted to 8th Dan after nearly fifty years of Aikido practice. He teaches aikido in his dojo in Coventry and on international seminars.

Seminar schedule:

19–21 all

10–12 all
12–13 instr/Dan
17–18 instr/Dan
18– 20 all

20h dinner at the dojo

10–11.30 all
11.30–12.30 instr/Dan

coffee break and snacks at the dojo

15–16 instr/Dan
16–17.30 all

Sleeping in the dojo is possible.

We will organize dinner for all participants on Saturday so please register your arrival to Marijan Kudrna: manjoster@gmail.com, also available for all other information.

Some photos of last year’s seminar:

Philip Burgess, October 6 – 8